Coming Soon! Over the next few months, we will be changing our name to Present Company – to more accurately reflect what we do, what we care about, and what makes us different. Stay tuned for further updates on this big transition!

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<a href="">Who we are</a> Who we are

33:Design is a full-service architecture firm specializing in adaptive reuse, historic preservation, renovations and new construction. We do a bit of everything, but our first love is taking something old and making it meet the needs of the present.

<a href="">What we do</a> What we do

We solve problems. Actually, let’s call them challenges—challenges in need of a solution. And we believe that every challenge has a solution, sometimes several. We’re about finding the very best one for your very specific vision.

<a href="">Why we do it</a> Why we do it

We care about good design. We can’t help it. We’ve tried not caring that much—it didn’t work out. Our brains are always on, trying to find the best solution to your specific challenge. We want your project to be great. We can’t help it.