This urban winery is the first of its kind in the state of Maryland, providing a space where the award-winning vintner/owner processes regional grapes and young wineries can launch their dreams. Housed within the repurposed Sears warehouse, now the Union Collective, the 12,000 SF facility integrates both fermenting and tasting areas, including a large production floor, barrel cellars, open seating, tasting room and bar.

Visitors are immersed in the wine-making process; highly visible barrel cellars surround seating areas while large fermentation tanks create a dramatic backdrop to the open space. A rich, warm palette of dark tones and soft fabrics is juxtaposed with the raw finishes of the industrial shell, combining both the legacy of wine making with the relaxed informality of enjoying a bottle with friends in a backyard. Lighting design heightens the playful atmosphere, with string lights defining seating areas and an impression of rising “bubbles” over the bar.
Phased construction allowed for time-critical occupancy to occur within the yearly production cycle.